Our Modular Home Set-Up Service in BC

Once your home is complete, our team coordinates all logistics of transporting your home to your site. Once there, our expert construction team and our certified trades specialist will ensure your home is set-up correctly and all your services are properly connected.

Delivery from Factory to Site

As part of our manufactured home set up service in British Columbia, we will create a predetermined route for the delivery of your home to the agreed upon site. The route we plan may not be the route you would normally take with your vehicle, as the dimensions and overall size of your home will determine which roads and highways are most optimal for transportation. Regardless of which route is taken, you can rest assured that Hard Modular Homes will deliver your home in a safe, efficient manner.

Convenient Installation and Modular Home Set Up Service in BC

At Hart Modular Homes, we strive to thoroughly prepare and inform our customers about the various aspects of our modular home set up service in BC. Perhaps the most important step prior to the delivery of your home is having a properly prepared site, which is essential to the installation quality and appearance of your home.

Set Up Regulations

We understand the stress and anxiety you may feel during your modular home set up service in BC. However, Hart Modular Homes wants you to have peace of mind in knowing that our modular and manufactured home installations adhere to federal guidelines. Additionally, all materials used during the installation process must conform to the list provided by the manufacturer and approved by provincial housing agencies.

Have Your Home Installed

If you have purchased one of our homes, we will be more than happy to schedule your modular home set up service in BC. Give us a call today and we’ll get started!


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